Clash of Clans Maps | War Stars and Resources

Clash of Clans Maps is one of the important things you need to have in Clash of Clans. The Clash of Clans Maps will protect your war stars, trophies, and other resources every time you get attacked. On this page, we gather all Best Clash of Clans maps that you can use. Check this out, for it will give you an idea for new defenses and strategies!


Town Hall 7: Clash of Clans Maps

Clash of Clans Maps 7  


This map collection contains three major categories: War, Trophy and Hybrid. It has the latest base 2017 Best Base designer. Get ready for your new layout and no more fretting! With the new maps, you don’t have to worry about losing to the enemy!


Town Hall 8 Map

Clash of Clans Maps 8


This map layout will focus on protecting your Dark Elixir. You will need this for upgrading your Dark Elixir troops and your Barbarian King.

Town Hall 9: Clash of Clans Maps

Clash of Clans Maps 9


It will be an awesome protection core from the outside of your base! Because this is hard, troops will go in the direction of the core and they will go around and will walk into all set-up traps there. You can use this Clash of Clans map idea as an alternative base, although other players also have other strategies.


Town Hall 10 Map

Clash of Clans Maps 10


Take a look at this new TH10 war base that will protect your Clan Castle and Town Hall in the core of your base with the Archer Queen. Clash of Clans maps rocks!