Clash of Clans Update | New Features and Challenges

Good day Chief! In this new major Clash of Clans update, Supercell have given the players a bunch of new features that will surely bring new challenges to all the players worldwide. Introducing the all new Town Hall level 12! Upgrade to the newest Town Hall level to unleash its newest feature, now your Town Hall will fight back!

Clash of Clans Update : New Town Hall Level 12

With this new level and Clash of Clans update, the Town Hall itself is a defensive structure capable of zapping its enemies with the all new Giga Tesla installed in the building. Not to be mistaken with the Hidden Tesla, the Giga Tesla packs more power will retaliate against any invaders within its vicinity.

The Giga Tesla will have five available upgrades to build on, with each level it increases the number of raiders it can target to. Once reached the final level of the Giga Tesla, the Town Hall itself will turn into a bomb doing major damage to raiders within its area.


New Troops Electro Dragon and The Siege Machine

Another Clash of Clans update : The newest addition to the Dragon family, the Electro Dragon, is a massive flying unit that can absorb damages. It can also deliver lightning breath strikes that will make opposing enemies tremble. Its attack will initially strike 1 enemy and will chain link up to 5 different enemies. This makes the Electro Dragon a good crowd control card. Be sure to use the dragon in town halls with compressed defensive buildings.

The other new addition in this update is the Siege Machine. The Siege Machine can deliver your clan castle troops directly inside the enemy’s base. The quirk of this troop is that it is a mobile Clan Castle built in the Siege Workshop that carries and protect your troop reinforcements in battle.

There are two types of machines available at your disposal: the Wall Wrecker and the Battle Blimp. The Wall Wrecker instantly destroys any wall in its path, guaranteeing safe passage for your reinforcement troops. The Battle Blimp, which soars over the skies, directly targets the Town Hall. It drops a barrage of bombs in your enemies’ heart base. You can still deploy your troops normally and attack the old-fashioned way! But why do that when the Siege Machine can plow/bypass through the enemy’s defenses chief??


Clan Games Improvement


Clan Games is designed to introduce in-game challenges for you and your Clan members to complete within an allotted time. It is always the idea to encourage cooperation within the Clans the players have joined too. In this update, Supercell gave players new challenges that will surely improve Clan Games! They will also boost much-needed resources that players need in order to upgrade their troops. Here are some of the Challenges that you will see in the latest patch.

–       Obtain Stars from Higher Town Hall level than yours

–       Attain Stars with using Spells

–       Get Stars without using Heroes

–       Earn Stars in Multiplayer Battles against Titan League opponents

–       Earn Stars from Clan War battle

–       Destroy a specific number of Mega Teslas in Versus

–       Get Stars from Builder Base challenges

–       Earn Stars in Versus Battle using 1 Mega P.E.K.K.A.

These are just some of the Clash of Clans update available for this patch, if you want to learn more about the newest patch please visit:

Thank you for reading Chief! If you want to upgrade your gaming experience by playing on a bigger screen just download Clash of Clans for PC here!