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How to Advance in Clash of Clans?

Clash of clans is a very popular game. It was released in 2012. Since then, it has dominated both the Google Play and App store. It’s no wonder why people would want to learn how to advance in Clash of Clans to become the best.

Advance in Clash of Clans

It consistently hangs around the top three in the gaming categories. It’s a very addictive game. Clash of Clans is a simple game: It is the game of armies, raiding, building and various other war based activities.

To progress in the game you have to improve the level of each building and upgrade your army so that you can defend your base and easily attack other bases. When you defeat other players, you collect resources which allows you to upgrade stuff.

If you win, you get trophies and the number of trophies determines what league you are in.

In the initial parts of the game, your main focus should be getting everything upgraded. But upgrading takes time. In this game there are various resources which is necessary to play and progress. These resources include Gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. Highly valuable gems can be used to speed up waiting times on buildings and units buy more builders and boost resources. You need real money to buy gems.

Gold is used primarily for upgrading important buildings such as town hall. You need to spend on gold when searching for other players to raid for resources. Elixir is the main resource for training and upgrading troops spells.

Dark Elixir is used to train and upgrade DE troops that are unlocked later in the game. You should never waste your gems as they’re expensive to buy and very hard to accumulate. So save your gems and spend them wisely. Patience is definitely a key aspect in this game. Certain upgrades takes long time. Sometimes this may take around 10 days. Better to play this in conjunction with a number of other games so that waiting for troops and upgrades is less painful. You have to concentrate on getting more builders. With more builders you will be able to upgrade your buildings quicker and, thereby, grow your clan and progress quicker.