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What is the Boat in Clash of Clans?

On opening the game Clash of Clans, you will notice that there is a boat on the bottom left side of your base. If you haven’t repaired it yet, it will be broken. If you have reached Town Hall 4, you will be able to repair the Boat in Clash of Clans and unlock a new village.

The Boat connects your Main Village to a new village, called the Builder Base. It is free of charge and takes only 3 seconds to repair, which is the quickest time to destroy or rebuild something in Clash of Clans. This excludes Traps and Walls, which are instant upgrades.

The Boat in Clash of Clans

The Boat allows the player to travel from base to base. From the Main Village to your Builder Base and vice versa. When you are at your Builder Base, the boat will be available at the top right of the base. The Boat is designed as a wooden boat with red and white sails on it.

Once you have repaired the Boat, you can tap on it to travel to your Builder Base. This is a new village that is separate from your main village. You will be able to benefit from it in the later stages of the Builder Base.

The first sighting of the Boat on the shores of Clash of Clans was on May 3, 2017. That’s nineteen days before the update of repairing it was released. This was probably a move by Supercell to keep the player guessing on the use of the Boat!

Aside from the player traveling on the boat in Clash of Clans, the Master Builder uses the boat to travel to the Main Village to upgrade buildings. This is unlocked later in the game when you have the required level of defenses on the Builder Base.