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How to Become a Clan Pro in Clash of Clans?

Becoming a clan pro in Clash of Clans isn’t easy. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

It’s all about the clans!

Your defenses should make you look powerful and you should show large deposits of mortars and other supplies. You must choose what kind of clan you want to be: a trophy, agricultural or both.

Grow your clan

To get new members in your clan, you must invent a clan name that attracts people and makes them want to be part of your clan instead of others. Try to invent something fresh and exciting and avoid boring names. Try giving it a symbol that goes with the name of the clan. A good symbol can be a great help to attract new members.

Be genuine and sincere

Take some time to write a friendly biography of your clan, one that expresses its purpose. In addition to that, you can promote players who donate a lot and are active in the clan. You must be active and always try to recruit. This will make your clan grow fast. Use stickers to describe your clan to attract other players. It is better to send an appropriate mail to the clan daily. Try to be interesting and always encourage your clan partners. Look for players of higher levels.


If you have too many members, you want your clan to develop better and have someone you trust or a secondary account, you can create a quarry! The quarries are smaller clans and you can shelter the less strong ones there so that when they grow up you can promote them to the superior clan. This is how you can develop yourself as a clan pro!