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Is Clash of Clans Dead?

No, Clash of Clans is not dead, and “CoC is dying” threads are tiresome. Clash of Clans dead is a topic everyone’s talking about, which is obviously an irony.

The number of inactive bases you find often depends on what league you are in.

Many people start playing a game and then stop. If they stop playing clash at Level 8 or so due to finding upgrades there too long then it’s probably a good thing as they’d only grow more unhappy if they progressed further and things take even longer.

This isn’t a game for the impatient. Some people have more fun playing other kinds of games. People are here on this page because they like playing this one.

Perhaps you would want some help with unlocking some tips and tricks in order to become even better at this game – so as to avoid the “Clash of Clans dead” syndrome!