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Is there a Clash of Clans hack?

“I need a Clash of Clans hack!” – cry players everywhere. Sore losers, greedy winners or just curious players would at one point of frustration ask this question.

Hacking Clash of Clans can give players a competitive edge against others in the form of unlimited items, gems, and gold.

Doing so often requires purchasing software but there are free to play methods as well favored by gamers around the world.

To hack Clash of Clans successfully, one must first download and install a jailbreaker mobile app known as “Tweak Box” on their iOS device. Visit, which is free to use and offers users the chance to play many different hacked games along with Clash of Clans.

After software installation, which is detailed on Tweak Box’s website, you will be able to download the hacked version of the game Clash of Clans not available at the official app store. Here we show you what the Clash of Clans hack works on Tweak Box:

Once Tweak Box is running on your device, open it and access the APPS menu. Scroll down to see your “Hacked Games” which should now include “Clash of Clans Hacked” as an option. Choose it and accept the installation of the game. You will not be able to play immediately though there is another crucial step with regards to your device’s security.

First, you would have to grant permission for installation on your device to Tweak Box as the software will not be accessible. To allow the service to be installed on your device, you must change your device’s settings. Go to Settings, then in General Settings, and then Device Management. In Device Management, click on Tweak Box and set it as a trusted source. This newly trusted app can now make changes to your device and allow hacked games to run smoothly with iOS software (please note that there is some risk in downloading and installing apps not approved by the app store). This is also true for Android devices. Then, you will have your hacked game installed on your device and you will be able to play and WIN Clash of Clans!