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How to Earn Gems in Clash of Clans?

When a player begins to play the game Clash of Clans, they might feel that gems are a scarce commodity. We’ll show you how to earn gems in this addictive game.

However, once all the builders are bought, which is achievable by Town Hall 8 if the player uses the gems sparingly, gems stack up very fast. This is due to all the different ways of earning gems that are available to the player.

Earn gems

The easiest way to earn gems is to remove obstacles in the Main Village and the Builder Base, which spawns an obstacle every three hours. This is a slow but steady method to earn gems. It is possible to earn an average of 4 gems daily in this method.

Gem Box

A special obstacle, called the Gem Box, rewards the player with 25 gems when cleared. It spawns only in the Main Village. There can be only one Gem Box at a time, so the player should remove it as soon as possible so as to start spawning the next one. Achievements offer large chunks of gems when completed, thus it is effective to attempt to complete them as soon as possible.

There are numerous achievements, and completing all of them rewards the player with over 12,000 gems. Although this is often a passive method to earn gems, it is the most rewarding in terms of value.

Gems can be mined at the Gem Mine which is available on the Builder Base. A fully upgraded Gem Mine gives the player about 4 gems a day.

Clash of Clans Events

Certain Clash of Clans events are also a source of earning gems.

Completing the missions in an event rewards the player with a defined amount of gems. The highest gems earned from an event is 200.

Push Trophies

An exclusive way to earn gems is to push trophies to be one of the top 20 players in one of the top three clans on the leaderboard at the end of a season. 750 to 2500 gems can be earned this way every season.