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How to Invite a Friend to Join a Clan War?

Utilize Facebook or iOS Game Center to include companions or invite a friend to join a clan war in Clash of Clans.

These two techniques are as of now the main bolstered method for adding companions to your clan.

Connect Clash of Royale to your Facebook account

This will enable you to discover your Facebook companions that additionally have Clash of Royale associated with their own accounts. Add companions in Game Center to see them in Clash of Clans (iOS as it were). On the off chance that you are utilizing an iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact, you can locate your Game Center companions in Clash of Royale. You can add individuals to your Game Center companions list as long as you most likely are aware their Game Center moniker or email address.

After you’ve associated your Facebook and Game Center records, you can welcome your companions from those administrations to your clan. Find individuals via hunting down their family. You can discover different clients via seeking by their faction tag.

Note that you won’t have the capacity to welcome them to your family since they are as of now in one. Try to do this at more elevated amounts. Since you’re depending on fortunes to get coordinated with your companion, you’ll have better fortunes at the more elevated amounts. This is on account of there are less conceivable matches at the larger amounts and huge amounts of conceivable matches at the lower levels.

Competing Against Each Other

In case you’re endeavoring to coordinate against a cordial tribe, you may need to hold up until the point when you are both high level. When you’re endeavoring to get coordinated up against your companion’s family, ensure that both faction’s Town Hall levels are genuinely near each other.

Coordinate with the other tribe pioneer to begin your wars in the meantime. Both faction pioneers should endeavor to press the “Begin War” together. This will build the odds that your groups will be coordinated against each other.

Other tips

You may need to facilitate via telephone or talk application to ensure you press at the same time. Try again on the off chance that you didn’t get matched up. This procedure depends on timing and luckiness, so there’s a decent shot that it won’t work right when you attempt. You’ll simply need to attempt again whenever your tribe is prepared for war. Invite a friend today!