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Level Up Barbarians – How to Guide

How does one level up Barbarians in Clash of Clans? We’ll answer that question here!

On opening the game Clash of Clans, you will have to use your Laboratory to level up Barbarians. This troop is unlocked by default in the tutorial stages of the game, and does not need to be unlocked by upgrading barracks. It is the first troop available to players.

The Laboratory

The Laboratory is a building which can be built at Town Hall level 3, and it costs 25,000 elixir to build. Once you have this building, tap on it. To level up Barbarians, tap on Research. This opens a window where you can view all the upgrades the laboratory has to offer.

To level up Barbarians, find it in the first column and row of troops. You will find that it is a colored image if you have enough elixir to upgrade it, otherwise it will be in black and white. Even if you don’t have the required amount of elixir or dark elixir, you will be able to view the details of the upgrade for the troop.

Details of Upgrade

On tapping on Barbarians, you are shown the details of the upgrade you are planning to make, Here, you can view the increase in Damage Per Second, Hitpoints, Training Cost and also the Training Time. Tap on the green button on the bottom right which contains the amount of elixir or dark elixir to upgrade the troop. Keep in mind that this will be black and white if you do not have the required amount.

Finishing the Upgrade

After tapping the button, you have started to level up barbarians. To finish the upgrade, you can either wait the amount of time specified in the top right of the Laboratory window, or use your gems to instantly finish the upgrade. You can also use a Book of Fighting or a Book of Everything to instantly finish the upgrade.


Once you have completed the process of leveling up Barbarians, you will be able to use your newly upgraded troops in your army.